Delta Horses

Associations revolve around communities. After all, common interests, interests, activities and togetherness are the main reasons why people are members of a studbook. Technological developments have followed each other in rapid succession in recent years. SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, you have undoubtedly dealt with or heard of it. And that is not the only thing that has changed, due to the increasing influence of Social Media, the expectations of members have also increased. Quality, speed and trust are more important than ever.

Delta Horses has developed the platform and tools that studbooks need and provides future-proof solutions that comply with international laws and regulations. Delta Horses offers the most extensive registration platform and is widely used both within and outside Europe.

At Delta Horses we will therefore continue to invest in EQUIS. We understand that your customers and employees are the center of your organization. Your reputation and the energy, creativity and commitment of your employees make your organization special. No one is closer to your organization than your own people and they constantly see opportunities to add value in the interactions with important customer groups for you.

But they must have the right tools to help them work with new, more effective methods with innovative solutions that enable collaboration between different departments inside and outside your organization. These handy tools provide instant insight to act with confidence, to make crucial decisions, what is needed to serve your customers even better.

The new EQUIS platform will help you get the most out of your studbook. Major innovations such as the introduction of the services-oriented architecture (SGA) offer savings and generate additional revenue. In addition, we mainly focus on optimizing internal work processes, we introduce new mobile solutions (Apps), we improve the integration between public presentation (Front Office) and the office (Back Office), we focus on improving the experience for members, we introduce a marketing tool, a workflow manager, a visual data builder to easily design SQL queries and we also see the possibility to simplify processes by expanding data exchange with strategic partners as a major step forward.


Delta Horses met EQUIS

Studbooks, of whatever nature, cannot be regarded as generic. We therefore have different forms in terms of nature: aimed at production and/or performance and aimed at variety improvement and/or monitoring. In many cases we are talking about a mixture of both.

EQUIS contains solutions for member loyalty and offers your studbook the possibility to provide an exceptional service. EQUIS is flexible, modern, user-friendly and suitable for small and large organizations. Available online 24/7 of course. No separate modules, but one integrated platform. Software that reduces the administrative burden and allows you to build relationships with your members based on knowledge, efficiency, quality and trust.

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