The philosophy of a studbook

In general, studbooks are aimed at recording information and from this data, the studbook is managed and policy is established. Because the processes are often set up internally, the service factor is under pressure because they are too focused on the registration of horses. A studbook has a lot of information at its disposal, but that does not guarantee that it will provide good information. A studbook should therefore consider whether it wants to be an administrative office or a service provider to its members and possibly third parties.

Due to the rapidly changing world, it is essential that a studbook moves along with technological changes and internationalization by working more and more efficiently. This creates a need for more efficiency, quality and speed. EQUIS meets this need by automating studbook processes, collecting, organizing and reporting the collected information by means of useful dashboards and reports, among other things.


Members and an increasing number of registered animals require an increasingly sophisticated registration system. Entered data must be able to be called up quickly and easily in all kinds of ways. Staff of a studbook office spend an important part of the available time processing data, especially during the inspection season when the inspection data must be processed before (catalogues, etc.) and after (results, etc.) of the inspections on breeding days.
Moreover, a studbook is confronted with changes in the membership and animal stock during the year. The trade in animals requires a lot of maintenance on the data and, moreover, a large number of young animals are born every year.

In addition to the efficient execution of all studbook procedures, cost savings are also achieved by making it possible to enter data outside the studbook (internet self-service) and by using the handy EQUIS apps. Examples include

being able to sketch and photograph animals directly during the chipping process, entering inspection results directly on location, mutating a transfer of ownership and reporting a birth. A higher level of service is achieved, among other things, by making studbook data available via the internet and a Members app. It is precisely these common issues that can lead to a considerable reduction in the workload at a studbook.